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What is a shallow well?

These wells are usually constructed by inserting a well point in to the water bearing sand area. For most of Central Florida,

Deep Well or rock wells?

These wells are drilled through rock formations until water is found. For most of Central Florida, the rock is limestone. Sometimes wells are drilled in to the shell layers, this type of well is usually called a shell well. The shell is just like sea shells. This type of well-known to have sulfur water (rotten egg smell).

What are some of the reasons my water pump will not come on?

The reset button in control box needs to be reset, Or the circuit breaker is off. Ants or other insects may be in the pressure switch, or control box. Lightning might have damaged the system.

Can I have a submersible pump installed in my well?

That depends on the type and the size of your well. It has to be evaluated.

I have a rusty water how can I get rid of it?

There are equipment that can be added to your existing system which neutralizes bacterial Iron who is responsible for the rusty water.

Why a Pump “short cycles” on and off rapidly?

Water tank is not for storing water only. Its partially filled with air which acts like a spring for smooth delivery of water. If the pump is “short cycling” – coming on and off rapidly, ( every 10 to 20 seconds or even more frequently), this could damage the pump or controls., The best example of short cycle is the pressure goes from strong to weak, at a short time interval ranging from just a few seconds to perhaps a minute. Also The water pressure gauge oscillates from high to low pressure rapidly on the same time interval.

Do not just add Air to pressure tank if you don’t know much about them. Call us at 407.275.9779 so we can properly guide you. Excessive air can cause injury to yourself or others.

Pump Won’t Shut Off.

Several problems can cause a water pump to keep running instead of shutting off when it should, Water may be running somewhere. The well pump may have lost prime. Drop pipe has a hole. Check valve is not holding. The pump may have suffered internal damage Pump impeller or diffuser is cracked. Impeller is clogged up with debris. The pump pressure control switch may be set to a higher pressure than the pump can achieve – this is more likely if someone has been messing with the switch. The well water level may have dropped and the pump is unable to pick up and deliver water in sufficient volume. Each of these suggests its own diagnostic step to finding out what’s happening with your well pump.

Pump keeps running but unable to develop normal pressures.

The well piping may have a leak. It may be a leak in the piping inside the well or between the well and sprinkler valves. If such a leak is present you may observe that water pressure in the system drops when the pump is turned off even though no water is running. A leaky foot valve, or check valve.

What to do:
The first thing to do to protect your pump and the controls from damage if it simply won’t turn off is to shut off electrical power to the pump. By trying to locate the breaker on your breaker panel and turn it off. That would turn off the water pump immediately. Running a water pump “dry” causing internal damage to the pump if there is no water inside it.

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