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It is always a good practice as a home owner to learn about all the cut offs and the shut offs of the utilities at your home, in case of an emergencies, before it happens to avoid panicking when happens.

The following are the typical scenario of an emergency cases for irrigation system and the suggested tips and a possible actions you may take to stop the water before help arrives.

System starts and does not stop. Or one zones comes on and does not go off .or gushing water from underground or broken water lines.

Check out these tips which might help you shutting the water off:

1. Stay Calm

2. Try Turning the timer off. Sometimes your timer is malfunctioning or faulty. This should stop the water flowing. If not, water will continue to run.

3. Try cutting the power off to the timer. This is done by disconnecting the electrical power supply to the timer. Warning Do not open the timer and rip off the wires. If timer is located inside the building , unplug the transformer from the wall receptacle. Or if timer unit is located outside, try to locate the breaker for your timer and then turn the breaker off. If you tried these and the water is still running…

4. Try to locate your water shut off to the sprinkler system. Every system is different. Depends on who install the system at the beginning. Properly designed and installed by the code, should have a backflow preventer device at the source. Which enables you to quickly shut off the water to the malfunctioning system.

5. Turn off the Backflow – These are various devices that you might have to locate in order to turn off the system. Typical commonly used backflow devices are shown below. There are different types and manufacturers and the one shown below are manufactured by Watts. Other manufacturers look more or less the same. These units are primarily located on the side of the house normally the same side as the water meter. Or close to the water meter. You need to just turn one of the handles only a quarter of turn as shown below and the system should stop.

If you could not locate any of the devices or similar shut offs valves. You have no choice but to…

6. Cut the water off at the meter, that might also cut the water off to your house too. Water meters are normally located by the curb side. Or close to the street. This needs a special tool called a water meter key. As shown below, which you can purchase from any plumbing shop. In its absence try using a ranch or a similar tool to turn the meter off.

Try to stop the running water, if you can, call our office at (407) 275 9779 or you can email us by clicking HERE and our team of experts will help you repair the problem.

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Irrigation Trouble Shooting Guide

The following is a helpful guide to help you figure out what’s gone wrong and how to fix it.




Watering stops and starts again    
Too many start times set Check program and turn off all extra start times
Season adjustment is set for more than 100% Reset Season adjust
Blown fuse    
Faulty valve solenoid Replace solenoid
Damaged or shorted wiring Inspect and repair wire
Faulty timer Replace timer
No Display reading    
No power to timer Check power source
Faulty transformer Replace transformer
Blown fuse Repair problem then/ Replace fuse
Sprinkler Did not come on    
Timer is off Turn the timer on
Blown fuse Repair problem/Replace the fuse
Damaged timer/ wiring to valves Repair wire
Faulty, timer or transformer/ sensor Replace timer, sensor or transformer
Damaged wiring Repair wiring
One zone does not work    
Damaged wiring at timer or valve Repair wiring / replace timer
Sprinkler heads dry    
water supply is off/Backflow shut Turn supply on
Faulty valve solenoid Replace solenoid
Flow control at valve is closed Open flow control if any
wires not connected/ broken Connect / Re connect wire
Debris in valve/ solenoid or metering orifice Disassemble valve and clean
Water Runs non stop Faulty valve Replace /Repair valve
Damaged diaphragm Replace the diaphragm
Damaged or cracked valve body Replace valve
Water leaks from sprinkler head continually    
Debris in the valve Clear debris from valve
Damaged diaphragm Replace diaphragm
Debris in solenoid Clean solenoid
Faulty solenoid Replace solenoid
Sprinkler head doesn’t spray    
Screen plugged with debris Clean screen
Sprinkler head does not rotate    
Not enough water pressure Repair zone valve
Debris in sprinkler head Clear debris from sprinkler head
Sprinkler rotates in one direction and stops    
Not enough water pressure to rotate sprinkler Split zone in two/faulty valve
Faulty sprinkler head Replace sprinkler
Missing nozzle

Replace nozzle

Sprinklers will not pop up

Not enough water pressure Split the zone
Master or zone valves not completely open Repair /Replace the valve
Flow control on zone valve not fully open Open flow control
Debris between sprinkler riser and riser seal Clear debris
Sprinklers “stick up” after watering    
Damaged stem or riser seal Replace sprinkler head
Damaged retraction spring Replace sprinkler head
Debris in the head Remove debris
No spray    
Internal filter clogged Clean screen
Water flooding from sprinkler    
Missing nozzle Install nozzle
Faulty or missing sprinkler head Replace sprinkler

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