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Why an Automatic Irrigation System?

An automatic sprinkler system is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make. First of all, it increases the value of your home. It is also convenient, no need to drag a hose around, you don’t need to close a valve and open another one. Above all you don’t have to be present to water your lawn. You can go on vacation for as long as you like and still be reassured that your lawn and garden is watered and you won’t return to dead yard Just set the system to auto you are done; The system will start watering from either your pump or municipal water source, for any days and any hours you desire to water.

Ask the people who have one. Bear in mind not all sprinkler are the same and not all contractor are the same. A properly designed and installed system will save water, does not over water or under water and keeps your lawn and garden healthy.

Your choice of the company is your first step. Why not go with a reputable company who has been around for a long time and has an excellent record of customer satisfactions and is one of the best rated irrigation companies and accredited A+ with Better Business Bureau? To save yourself future aggravation and disappointment put you trust in us. We won’t disappoint you.

How difficult is to operate the automatic sprinkler system?

It is as easy as setting your alarm clock. If you are able to set your alarm clock, you can set your automatic sprinkler system. As easy as that.

Can I water whenever I want?

Yes you can. provided you comply with your local state and county regulations. Set it to come on, automatically to water, whenever and as long as you wish for any areas. Or completely stop one section or water as long as needed in every day or any days. Also you can turn it ON manually without changing any settings or altering any scheduling. Our techs will be more than happy to help you setting your timers. So go Automatic sprinkler system enjoy life and relax.

Does my water bill go higher than my hose watering?

No. – A properly designed, system applies exactly the amount of water you need for your landscape. An automatic sprinkler system actually a water saver. Believe it or not there are a lots of research done by the leading manufacturer of sprinkler materials. To design their products for just this purpose. Saving water.

How much a good quality sprinkler system cost?

It is a very broad question. First factor to effect the pricing is the size of the property. Then the amount of landscaping and type of plant materials. Then the type of sprinkler products used.

Does more zones justify the quality of the system?

No and yes. zoning the irrigation system is depending on water pressure and the volume, also the different type of landscaping materials. Often a home owner was told by an individual we install the system by zones. Or your yard is four zone system. Without measuring the pressure and the volume of the water how can one tell how many zones is going to be. For example a football field can be watered with three or four zones, if the water is available. This a good indication of choosing a qualified contractor from an incompetent one. Qualified contractors studied the subject, have taken a state test and are certified. Just because they show up on your search engine doesn’t mean they. Qualified, and competent. Check them out with your Better Business Bureau.

Don’t use pricing as your only measuring factor.

Lower pricing less than normal, is an indication of corner cutting. In order to reduce the costs, some necessary items has to be left out, for example a proper backflow, required by law, substandard materials, Improper installation method, which makes them hazardous for walking and to lawn mowers. Sometimes not finishing the job.

A State Certified Company who has been around as long as our company with a track record of satisfied customers and A+ rating from Better Business Bureau will be there for you when you need us most.

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Florida Watering Tips

Watering Tips
Proper watering is a simple step, your garden can give you years of enjoyment for surprisingly with a little water and with a minimum effort.by using an automatic irrigation system you may be able to relax and also to save yourself some money too”. If that system is properly designed, installed and maintained, it can keep your landscape looking green with the least amount of water.
It is a simple step, but it is one of the most important things you can do to keep your garden healthy—and good looking lawn can also raise your home’s value.

Believe it or not the greatest waste of water comes from too much water and too often… instead of watering for one long continuous session, try splitting the watering time into shorter periods. This will let the water soak in, also minimizing runoff.

Hours of watering
Water between 4 a.m. and 9 a.m.—when the sun is not the hottest, temperatures are low, and less winds. Evening Watering isn’t a good idea . because ground can remain wet overnight—this is an invitation for fungus and bugs.

Check your sprinklers to make sure everything is working properly. Also Make sure the sprinkler heads are adjusted properly. A properly adjusted sprinkler head should spray large droplets of water, not a fine mist. Clogged sprinkler head or a broken line can dry up part of the yard and waste water too.

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